Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012


 Yesterday, Saturday 28th January 2012 became a very memorable day for me, friends who I have known since 20 years ago, there were still coloring my life until today. They're all my best friends since college. To Anin, she is my little friend since elementary school, still remains to be my neighbor, it still occasionally we'll seeBecause they "call it good friend" (who knows what they still consider a good friend or not I do not care) I have many names status, and professions and different preferencesDo not know what makes us able to come together ... my friend Maya initially worked as a flight attendant, married 
and now a good mother to her children and being a housewife. 

Ira,  she's unique friend for me. Had become a "sister in law" , have 1 child of my brother, male, handsome, like his father. His hobby is shopping, sightseeing, though ultimately not finish college and stay in Singapore for 1 year but great she might now have an income nearly tens of millions of dollars a month ... great .... hhmmmm, single parents who are not so adventurous mistress ... who has a tattoo on his shoulder .. beautiful and attractive. Sometimes I like to wonder, why God brought me with them? Surely there is some point ....

Anin former housewife and also sells, sells I think just for fun hobby that makes money.but now an insurance agent. Several times received rewards from the companyMore busy than I am nowHer  personality is flexible when used to sell to make her many friends andacquaintances, making it easier path to insurance agentsincluding meira and Maya And ...And my own work as a teacher, my life is full of color not only from my students as well as from friends, and my good friend ... MY LIFE IS SO COLORFULL ..

Life is indeed like a rainbow, colorful, full of lovelaughter also sorrow .. For some reason the meeting yesterday to make something more colorful ... And one more thing DO NOT SEE ONE OF APPEARANCE, WHO DO NOT SEE HER NOW, BUT FROM  WHAT HAS BEEN LOOKING PASSES

photos were taken using Instagram and hipstamatic from Iphone

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